Who I Am

My name is Joo Leng and I like to trade. My interest in trading was ignited in 2003 by my jogging buddy, Steve, as it can provide an alternative source of income.

What I Do

Stocks, CFDs (Contract for Difference), forex… you name it. I have traded through the bull market (2007) as well as the bear markets (2008)

By trading with the trend , half of the battle is won.

Why I Do It

This website was created so that it can help other traders avoid the same mistakes that I made

How  To Connect  With Me

If you would like more information, please get in touch through my contact page


Disclaimer: Please note that the author of this blog shall not be liable for any investment actions or results of readers through the use of these data/information.

14 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi jooleng,

    Thank you for coming up with the SGX downloader to replace the datafolio.

    I was trying SGX Downloader – https://trendtradeschool.ml/trading-tools/, while i was able to download the SES files in CSV to the Tar-Data/SGX /Source,step 6 of the instructions tab says “6) Use Downloader to convert these files to the respective folders” but i am not able to convert the files, not sure why.

    Can you help?

    1. Hi Jason

      Using Downloader from MetaStock, Tools -> Convert.
      This should convert and append the csv files to existing MetaStock files.
      The source should be of “ASCII Text” type while destination need to be of “MetaStock” type.
      I have also updated the instructions in the Excel file.
      Do let me know if the instruction is clear.

  2. Hi Jooleng,

    Thanks for your response. Yes the instructions is very clear now, however I do not have metastock software thus do not have access to the downloader utility as I am using the Datafolio data for another software called Amibroker instead.

    Not sure if you have other methods to do the conversion?

    Thanks for your efforts

    1. Hi Jason

      Basically, what you need is a csv to metastock converter
      You can try these links to see if they are of any help:-


      Do let me know if you managed to succeed. Hopefully I can include your method into my updated instructions.

  3. Hi Jooleng,

    Thank you for sharing

    For 1 – the tool is not free so only first 50 lines are converted

    For 2 and 3 – I was using it previously to convert ASCII files to Metastock, but somehow it does not include the historical data which are already converted into metastock format.

    I see this other option in your spreadsheet which has a “Import Tar” button but I cannot seem to get it to work as it cannot be use independently but if I click the “Get SGX Data” the excel file will close once the action is completed.

    So right now I am importing the TAR-Data (as at 22 May 2020) into the Amibroker + import the newly downloaded ASCII Files

    1. Hi Jason

      Good to hear from you.
      Can I say that you have managed to merge SGX data by first importing TAR-Data followed by newly downloaded ASCII files into Amibroker?

  4. Hi Jooleng,

    Thanks for responding.

    Yes that is right, managed import metastock followed by new ASCII files into Amibroker

    However I am not sure if the warrants, rights, dividends and other information are correctly captured though since the importation is via ASCII CSV and not the metastock format.

    Also for this other button I see in the spreadsheet which has a “Import Tar” button but I cannot seem to get it to work as it cannot be use independently but if I click the “Get SGX Data” the excel file will close once the action is completed.

    How can I use it?

    Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi Jason

      The “Import Tar” button has no use for the moment. I am using it for debugging purpose.
      If the stocks and trust information are correctly imported via ASCII CSV, I don’t see any issue with other import via ASCII files.

  5. Hello, I am Freya from Tiger Brokers, we want to collaborate with your platform. We have sent many emails to you, but all received auto replies. Could you tell me how to contact your business team? Or what kind of contact method you use? Thanks. My email is [email protected], and Skype number is +86 18301369175. Looking forward to your reply.

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